Saturday, July 16, 2011

Love is like a butterfly

This card I made just so I could try out the new die that I got from Joans Gardens.  I know you are expecting me to say I love it.  Seems like I just love everything about stamping.  Well, I do.  lol  The oval with the flowers around it is a case from Linda Duke.  Gosh, she makes beautiful cards.  I got the flowers all colored with copics and then was pleased with the way I got them glued on, then what do I do--Glue the whole thing on at an angle.  Can you believe that??  Well, there was no taking it apart because of the type of glue I used so I guess it is going to stay that way. The card measures 5 x 6 3/4".  I usually make the A4 size but this larger size is really growing on me. 


  1. This is absolutely stunning. I love the lace background and it doesn't look cooked at all. Just perfect!

  2. It looks awesome to me! Beautiful card.