Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tea Time

     Last weekend some friends and I went for tea at the Moulin De Paris in Passadena.  It was so great.  Not only great food but great company as well.  Our napkins were tied up with a pink ribbon so we decided that we would make a card using the ribbon.  Here is mine.  I couldn't get the pinks to match and what a time trying to do something with this ribbon!
     Inside the card says "I cannot sit and chat with you the way I'd like to do, so brew yourself a cup of tea, I'll think of you, you think of me." 


  1. Gloria, I think the ribbon matches perfectly, but I do understand the dilemma of getting it to match! I still can't match mine! This turned out beautifully!! I love the saying inside! A great little "thinking of you" card!!! We'll definitely have to do tea again!!

  2. Your card is beautiful, Gloria!