Saturday, August 6, 2011

Lady with cat

Just playing around and came up with this card.  The background paper was 6 x 6 so I had to cut it to fit on a  6 x 4.5 card and still have the border around it.  Then when I got it placed on the card I didn't like the fact that I could see the little line where I glued it together.  So out came the stickles.  I think it hid the slit pretty well.  The stamp I used is an art stamp by Loralie Designs.  She has such fun images.  They are pretty plain and you can add what you want to them--Like the design in her skirt, and the polka dots on her blouse. You get the picture.  On her blog she tells us that she never cuts her stamps apart.  She stamps the images (they come on a sheet of rubber) scans them and then prints them out when she wants to use them.  This way she can make them any size she wants.  What a great idea.  I wish I had done this to a lot of my stamps.  I don't know how much time I have spent cutting and mounting and now I end up with a lot of little stamps and a lot of space taken up in my craft room.  Enjoy the card.  It was fun to color. 


  1. Great card! LOVE her red hair!!

  2. What an awesome card Gloria! Love the DP and that image is adorable!