Saturday, April 2, 2011

Judy Rosma of offered me a challenge to tell seven things about myself.

  1. My first card was pretty pitiful. It was one I saw in a magazine. I went all over the neighbor hood collecting pieces of my neighbors cedar hedges to glue to the front of the card to make a wreath. I was so proud of that card. I thought it was cool as butta
  2. Yes, I am an New Englander. I was born so far north that I could have been french.
  3. Matter of fact my mother is french. She was an orphan and raised in a catholic orphanage. She had eight sisters and one brother. When her parents died they placed them all in farms around the area. When Mom's foster father passed away, her foster mom couldn't keep her so she ended up in a orphanage. When she got older she worked for the priest. Her sisters contacted the priest and asked if she could come to Maine to live with them. She remembers crossing the St John River in the winter in the back of a sleigh. She said she remembers seeing water fill the tracks of the sleigh as they were crossing. Once in Maine she met and married my father
  4. They had 12 children. Yes, I am one of 12---6 boys and 6 girls
  5. I have three children--two girls and one boy
  6. I have two grandchildren--both boys. They are the delight of my life and I babyset them daily.
  7. I have always loved crafts but not like I am consumed by paper crafts. When I am not with the boys I am usually in my craft room.

Well, that is seven things about me that you may have not known. Now I get to pass this on to others so we can find out about them. How about Kathi ( and paula (


  1. Even I learned something new here! Thanks for sharing Mom!



  2. Thanks Gloria! Mary also honored me with the Versatile Blogger award and I've posted my 7 things on my blog and passed it on! It was so interesting to hear about your family, I had no idea you were one of twelve children! I always wished I came from a big family!

    Don't forget to copy and paste the picture of the award that Judy gave you and post it on your blog!

  3. Well, this award is going around- I gave it to you and Theresa, too! :) Oh, well.

    Loved reading about your family!